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02 March 2008 @ 03:05 pm
FIC: Pokémon Expeditions - Part One. [SG:A/PM]  
Title: Rodney McKay – The Stray Psychic of Cinnabar Labs
Series: Pokémon Expeditions: The History of the Dual Masters of the Sunset Gym
Author: plsteward
Genre: Gen, Adventure, Drama
Fandom/s: Pokémon & Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: G
Characters: Rodney McKay and Jeannie McKay[SG:A] Blaine, Dratini (and evolved forms), Gastly, Gangar, Epsion, and Butterfree [PM]
Spoilers: For any and all Pokémon games & series. Stargate SG-1- Season Six: Redemption Part 2. Stargate: Atlantis- Season One: Letters to Pegasus, Season Four: Dr. McKay & Mrs. Miller, Miller's Crossing.
Notes: Again, this is a long header for me. Sorry. BTW, I like Meredith. It just sounds better and suits him more in this 'verse.


When Meredith McKay was three years old, his mom grew round in the middle and half way through the year, she left for the hospital and came back with a little creature. She called it Jeannie, his baby sister. Meredith was at times amused by her and annoyed by her. She cried, spat, pooped, ate, slept, smiled, laughed, and was cooed over by all the grown ups. The only adult who didn't forget about him was Uncle Blaine.

His uncle took him through the labs they all lived in and introduced him to Abra, to Alakazam, to the little thing in the bubbling tank. He was told the little thing was going to be the strongest pokémon ever. His uncle taught him about computers, science, DNA, and the beauty of creating life from the smallest blocks of living materials.

Meredith spends the next two years tailing Uncle Blaine and the lab techs that build the computers and are willing to teach him how to put together chips, processors, and wires to make something that can re-write the universe.


When Meredith was six he was off visiting with a lady named Sabrina for a week. She was a specialist in psychic pokémon and she had offered a kind of summer camp by invitation. His uncle and mom both noted that his time playing with the pokémon in the labs, all psychic types, had given him a talent for understanding them and their abilities.

That time spent with the pokémon also affected him in ways that they knew they couldn't fully utilize or teach him about. Jeannie had been forbidden from the labs after they saw what his early exposure had really done. She had been sent to a boarding school as soon as she was old enough just to keep her safe. However, with Meredith, they had tried, but spending more than eight days away from the labs caused him headaches, illness, and once, when he was five and away at the boarding school that Jeannie now attended, a mini-coma.

Sabrina understood and was helping him build walls, to understand what he was hearing and dreaming. It was so weird to have a person who understood that at times Mewtwo's voice scared him.

It was on the third day, he stopped in his tracks, and Sabrina stopped beside him. She picked him up whispering, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," repeatedly in his ears. She carried him back to living quarters of her gym as she sent calming waves of peace into his emotional core. He spent the rest of the trip in a kind of shock.

He got the visit two days later. A man from a university, which funded the research, came to tell him of the deaths of all of his family, the pokémon, and the utter violence that Mewtwo's awakening erupted in. The next day, his Uncle Blaine came and took him to the school where Jeannie was. He put an electromagnetic amulet around Meredith's neck and left with apologies and telling him that he is now an orphan who may be adopted. Meredith hears it, but doesn't understand it until one day he wakes to Jeannie telling him about a nice lady and man who want her to be theirs.

Jeannie writes him a few times after that. Then the letters stop, which Meredith understands, they were never close because he was weird and she was normal. He only sends cards for her birthday and he only gets cards on his. He still feels something for her, but he's never really missed her. His classmates, teachers, and the school psychologist all tell him that it's wrong, but he never really spent time with Jeannie. He doesn't want to grieve, to say that his childhood home is gone.


Meredith is eight when his class goes on a history field trip. They go on an over-night trip to see the Tin and Brass (now Burned) Towers of Ecruteak City in Johto. It's the culmination of their yearlong unit on pokémon/human relations through time.

He listens to the history, the stories, the facts that both the professors and his group guide. But at sunset he finds himself alone at the top of the tower, taking off the protection that Blaine had given him and opened himself up to the energies of the towers and the pokémon that called it home.

With in a moment he was surrounded by Gastlys and felt the coldness of Gengar take him. Meredith was aware of the world and the actions that Gengar used him to carry out, but just couldn't push his way up from under the fog of possession. He couldn't fight because he just didn't care about the world or himself.


A concept drawing of Meredith McKay, the ghost and psychic type pokémon master.
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twillery: la_xhal icon--pensive Larsatwillery on March 3rd, 2008 12:50 am (UTC)
great, terrible, sad and wonderful, all at once. Thank you.
caffiene addict & all 'round not awful personplsteward on March 4th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
Thank you and don't worry too much about him. I've got a plan to save him.