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01 June 2008 @ 11:02 pm
Bambi is so not a good name for a boy even if he is a deer.  
Ok, so me & my boyfriend were talking, his cousin's getting married to a girl named Bambi. That lead to a talk about names that should only be used for strippers and porn stars (Candi, Bambi, and others.)

Then later on we were trying ti figure out who said "i love you" first (I won.) He used the phrase "I'm twitterpated by you." Which lead to talking about how Bambi was both the most nausiating Disney movie and rather interesting if you read in to it.

Then I put the two converstations together and we started talking about re-writting Bambi for Showtime.

Lets start with the roles:

Bambi- a poor boy born to a hooker & who needs to learn to strip to stop working the streets.

Bambi's Mother- an aging hooker who has tried to teach her son pride and how to takecare of himself but still babies him.

Thumper- one of Bambi's best friends & the only boy in a family of girls who seem to breed like rabbits. He strips & tends bar to feed his meth habit. He will claim Mormonium for his creed but no one believes him.

Flower- Bambi's other best friend & a kid who ended up in the wrong end of town after dropping out of a prep school & running away b/c he came out to his homephobe family. Now waits & washes dishes at the strip joint.

Felice- a girl who grew up with & used to work the streets with Bambi, but managed to get into a brothel/dungeon.

The Owl- used to be Bambi's mom's pimp but now pimps Bambi & owns the strip joint that Thumper & Flower work for. Consitered the only 'kind' pimp in town. Thinks of himself as kind of a grandfather or a sage.

Ms. Quail- Felice's madame & used to be a nurse who now will take care of the occupational hurts if no other care can be found.

Mrs. Rabbit- Thumper's mom. Takes care of her grandchildren and runs a sorta day/night care for the children in the area.

The Queen (King of the Forest)- the tranny who seems to reign over the area's strip joints, street corners, brothels, and Bambi's father.

Hunters- cops who run sting operations every once in a while & disturb the sense of normalcy that the residents work for.

Dogs- ugly & mean clients that no one likes and who once in a while will mutliate or even kill a hooker.

I'm sure you get the idea.

The Setting- an ugly area of a seedy off-shoot of Las Vegas or some city in Nevada. The only folks who live there are the druggies, hookers, strippers, kids just starting out in the world, artists, or welfare victims. It's a place most world like to pretend doesn't exist & where people don't go unless they are looking for trouble or something not kosher.

Main plot points:

- Thumper gets Bambi to try meth. Flower just sticks to pot & Bambi learns that he can't afford to adopt Thumper's habit.

- Flower and Bambi kiss.

- Thumper tries to figure out what Flower sees in guys and ends up even more obsessed with breasts.

- Bambi has a close call with a Hunter masqureading as a John.

- Thumper teaches Bambi how to dance.

- Flower teaches Bambi how to flirt with patrons without being too inviting.

- Bambi's mother is arrested & convicted for dealing drugs & he finds out that his father is the Queen of the Street.

- Thumper & Owl saves Bambi from a Dog.

- Flower's father tries to find him & still isn't ready to accept his gay son.

- Bambi can't figure out if he likes girls, guys or if he even likes sex all that much.

- Bambi gets nervous the first time he strips.
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