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04 March 2008 @ 07:29 pm
FIC: Pokémon Expeditions [SG:A/PM]  
Title: Breaking the Chains – Awaking McKay
Series: Pokémon Expeditions: The History of the Dual Masters of the Sunset Gym
Author: plsteward
Genre: Gen, Adventure, Drama
Fandom/s: Pokémon & Stargate: Atlantis
Rating: G
Characters: Rodney McKay and John Sheppard [SG: A] Sabrina, Gastly, Gangar, Darkrai, Dragonite, Rayquaza, Duskull, Staraptor, Pidgeot, and Espion [PM]
Spoilers: For any and all Pokémon games & series. Stargate SG-1- Season Six: Redemption Part 2. Stargate: Atlantis- Season One: The Rising, Letters to Pegasus, Season Four: Dr. McKay & Mrs. Miller, Miller's Crossing, and Outcast.


The Darkrai was a whisper that the sailors talked about in hushed tones. It was said that the pokémon delighted in hurting others, that it ate the good dreams and old left nightmares for children. It was also said that ghost type pokémon were being called to Newmoon Island for something sinister that was brewing.

That was like a red flag to a bull for John Sheppard and Lemonade. The two hated bullies and from the rumors among pokémon & people that both were hearing, the Darkrai was a first rate bully. They also heard stories of a boy that traveled in a cloud of Gastlys and had the presence of a Gengar.

The little old psychic lady in town said that it was because the boy gave himself to the angry ghost pokémon in a moment of grief. She also told him that the boy just needed to be reminded that life wasn't all bad and the possession would break. She also put a pokéball in his hand.

"Trust her, she'll know when she's needed by him." Said the old lady, looking up into John's eyes. The little old lady wasn't that old really. John almost thought he recognized her.

"'Kay," John replied as he shrunk the ball and put in his pants pocket.

"Now, go, save him," she said letting her dark eyes burn her orders into his brain.

Therefore, with that mission, John mounted Lemonade and the two flew off over the ocean to Newmoon Island to find the boy and stop the Darkrai.


Meredith knew that the new presence wasn't good. He felt colder than even Gengar and gave off waves of anger and darkness. Nevertheless, Meredith just couldn't find the energy to breakaway as Gengar gave him up and Darkrai filled him.

Darkrai was full of dreams and nightmares, wishes and curses, hopes and hate. The ghost was such a mass of contradictions that it didn't think really, it just pulled in power and lashed out. Meredith's hand raised and was filled with psychic fire. Darkrai had never entered someone that could handle his power for real, but Meredith could without slowly dying like the others had. However, the power was slowly taking his mind over, flushing out memories, and creating new synapses too.

Meredith felt fear for the first time in twelve years as soon as he realized he was about to lose what was left of himself to this darkness. However, he still couldn't do more than offer the most paltry of objections.


"Okay Lem, this is Darkmoon, right?" At Lemonade's nod of affirmation, John got off her back and looked around. He didn't have a clue where to look. They had done a fly over by the island was a dense wood, dark and forbidding. They had landed on the only clear spot, a rocky outcropping on the easternmost tip.

John pulled out the pokéball that the psychic had given him, "So, when are you going to help?" The ball just sat in his hand. John looked at Lemonade. She was up in the air, kind of flying in place, looking.

John put away the pokéball and pulled the balls off his belt. "Go, guys!" Out of the balls came a flock of various flying pokémon. "We've gotta find a kid and the Darkrai. Fan out and if either are found raise all kinds of noise but don't engage unless you are left with no option."

The birds and one young green gold Rayquaza flew off into the dense forest.

Pidgeot found the boy and the ghosts in the woods. With his loudest cry, he and all the rest of the hunting party came and lead Lemonade and John arrived just as Rayquaza attempted to wrap around the guy. It looked like the dragon had him trapped, but then the guy on the ground was surrounded in violet flames and Rayquaza was knocked back.

John looked closer at the guy, he looked fairly close to John's age, so not really a boy like the rumors had stated. John reclaimed Rayquaza and jumped off Lemonade just before a flock of flying skulls rammed her. Duskull, his mind absently filled in. He looked up; all his birds were engaged in fighting ghost pokémon of some type.

"Why?" Asked the guy in an otherworldly voice. John was brought back to earth by the eerie voice.

"Why what?" John cocked his head and winced as Staraptor was thrown to the ground behind the guy.

"Why are you here? You knew it was dangerous. You knew you wouldn't have an advantage. Why would you be sent?"

John shrugged. The guy extended his hand and John was caught in a shimmering fog that lifted him up and held him tight. The guy walked up and touched two fingers to John's forehead.

"Sabrina" The guy gasped in anger.

The boy's body dropped onto the ground and above him floated a ghost type with a plume of white, blue eyes, and a body like a tattered black cloak. It roared and all the ghosts finished off their prey, each and every one of John's birds fainted and fell to the ground. Lemonade was pushed to the ground and forced into sleep.

John was scared at that moment that he had sentenced his friends to death by coming to Newmoon. It was at that point of despair that the last pokéball glowed and out of it came a violet cat/fox that seemed to just float inches above the ground. It looked at John, as if to say "And you doubted me?"

The Espion then stepped to the right and nuzzled at the guy's short light brown hair. It looked up sharply at the Darkrai and then pounced. In a series of lightening quick strikes the two clashed and the lesser ghost pokémon took the opportunity to fade into the shadows.

Soon, to John at least, the Darkrai faded into the shadows as well and the Espion walked back to the guy and curled up next to him.

"Hey, can you let me down?!"


"You're not my type. But thanks for finally letting me help, and helping us out." He was foggy headed and was just hearing words, an unfamiliar voice. It was a pleasant voice. There was a brush of fur and a slightly cool, wet sensation. He batted it away and rolled over, and regretted it as his head exploded in pain.

"Oh, you're awake." Said the voice. A cup of water was pressed to his mouth and then a pill followed it. "There that should help with that headache. Espy was insistent that you'd have one." He opened his eyes to a youngish face topped with spiky and out of control dark hair and laughing green eyes.

"Who are you?"

"I'm John Sheppard, formally of Lavender Town."

"Oh." He looked around and his eyes fell on the Espion. "Sabrina sent you?"

"Yeah, I guess. It was a psychic lady and she made me bring him along." Sheppard said, "What's your name?"


"Cool. I need you to eat something then we need to get away before Darkrai decides that Espy isn't that much of a threat and starts after you again."

With that Sheppard turns to rummage in a knapsack and Espion started filling his mind with what it knew and what McKay's posession by Darkrai had pushed out. He absently ran his fingers through his soft lavender fur as they connected mentally, soothing his nerves and anger at himself.

"'Snot really your fault." Sheppard said softly as he put a food bar in McKay's hand, "At least, the whole giving into a way to keep your emotions safe. You were a kid. Still kinda are, but in any case it was understandable." Sheppard sat and started eating a food bar too, "But don't take my word for it, I don't know the details." He said between bites. He made a face at the food, "Blech, these taste like cardboard."

"I don't know. I like it." Said McKay with a crooked smile.
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